Himalayan Bath Salt 1kg

100% natural and unrefined to retain its natural properties. Mined from ancient pure crystal salt deposits formed through huge amounts of pressure over millions of years, leaving them untouched by modern pollutants and toxins.


  • 100% Food Grade Fine Himalayan Salt
  • Not only is this great for cooking but you can use it in your beauty regime for bathing, detoxifying and rejuvenating
  • Contains numerous trace minerals and is 100% natural and unrefined
  • Mined from ancient pure crystals from the foothills of the Himalayas
  • Mix with Lucy Bee Coconut Oil for a natural body scrub

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  • Description

How to Use

Our Himalayan salt can be used:

  • As a mineral bath soak
  • As a table salt
  • To treat skin conditions, including acne and psoriasis, in natural soaps, face scrubs or masks
  • For salt therapy
  • To soothe tired feet in a foot soak
  • To treat motion sickness

Where am I From?

It’s widely documented that all Himalayan salt comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Ours is mined in the Punjab region at the Khewra Salt Mine, which is the second largest salt mine in the world. The actual foothills of the mine lie 190 miles from the Himalayas, with the mine extending far into the hillside, a mineral-rich mountain system.


  • 100% Food Grade Himalayan Salt
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